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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ultimate Edition 2.6.1

Ultimate Edition 2.6.1 | 2.39 Gb

It has long been downloaded ~ 4,000 times (user forum). I have felt since the release of Ubuntu drops of maintenance. IE 10.04.1, it is a Long Term Support (LTS), for us to do the same. I do not find there to be Ultimate Edition 2.6.2, for lack of a better word I feel is perfect.

For the period understood I intend to run the O / S, there is nothing wrong with Ultimate Edition 2.8 or 2.9. Amazing how many bugs get stuck long after the "release final ", some I have personally carried out. I think Ultimate Edition 2.9 just to run for a while as I build it. Why some may ask? I am not a mahn KDE and prefer stability.

If I'm running Ultimate Edition 2.6, will I run out and rip 2.6.1? If I'm happy with my current O / S did not, the only real advantage would be a "repair", updates and upgrades, which you probably already downloaded & installed through your update manager.

If I somehow managed to whack my O / S 2.6.1 would be a logical answer. I now take this back, after seeing what is not now. Ultimate Edition 2.6.1 build 10.04.1 built from the total again. It will be my main O / S to the Ultimate Edition 3.0 is the minimum.

I pulled out below on the user forums & many like it, but what we have now is much better. A complete re-build from the ground up and why the big delay. I can not emphasize enough how much better Ultimate Edition 2.6.1 finished 2.6.

Well on the details, what the Ultimate Edition 2.6.1? Ultimate Edition 2.6.1 are Long-Term Supported (LTS) release.

Changes Ultimate Edition v 2.6.1 / s Ultimate Edition 2.6 is as follows :

Update / Upgrade :
* 10.04.1 is the foundation, build a lot of repairs and upgrades before and after applied.
* Kernel 2.6.32-27 (rebuilding of vmlinuz and initrd.lz & cleaned all the older kernels)
* All themes based on the EU to be rebuilt and replaced (these gigs will add additional blank space to the O / S in the future)

Bug Fixes :
* Cursor / Compiz problem
* Broken repository removed
* Removed the wine-door (damaged)
* Fixed a metapackage
* Progress bar Stay beyond 100%

Additional Software :
* Ailurus
* Imagination
* Cairo clock
* Miro
* Moovida
* Exaile
* Conky script
* Samba
* Gphpedit
* Chromium browser
* Sound Juicer
* Rip off
* Ultimate Edition 2.8 theme (Ultimate Edition 2.6 remains the default theme)



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